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From the Idera Family of Products

Deep-Dive Stack Monitoring for
Off-the-Shelf Applications

Precise SAP Screenshot
Precise for SAP
24x7 monitoring of SAP application performance better than native tools. Track business transactions across
SAP ECC, Portal, BW, Java, .NET, ABAP, third-party applications, databases and storage. Troubleshoot SAP, BW
and integrated system performance incidents and resolve quicker with actionable recommended fixes. Identify
performance trends to prevent degradations from impacting the business.

Precise for Applications (PeopleSoft, Oracle Apps, .NET, Java/J2EE)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications are vital to any organization. Performance issues affecting those applications can translate to lost revenue and lost business if not resolved quickly. Many organizations have tools to track performance for ERP applications and, yet still find out about slow performance from end-users via a phone call. See how Precise helps you manage performance issues for these ERP applications.


Precise for Database (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase)

Most organizations today have multiple database platforms supporting their applications, users and locations. Typically this is a combination of relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 &/or Sybase. Each of these comes packaged with their own native tools. However, the operational costs to manage each of those platforms as silos, not to mention the inconsistent performance data can be a management headache.


Precise for Cloud

The promise of cost and productivity benefits of private and hybrid cloud computing platforms addresses top of mind concerns of the enterprise. However, veteran IT execs are cautious knowing too well that those who will move too early will suffer from being on the "bleeding edge", while those who will move too slow will be subject to corporate pressure on their cost structure.


Precise for Storage

Provisioning storage for applications is complex and expensive. Critical data should be pushed into faster and more expensive storage components (such as EFD), whereas non-critical data should be pushed into slower and less expensive storage components (such as SATA). Identifying the critical and less-critical pieces of data is difficult. Relying on Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) alone is not sufficient, as IOPS tells you nothing about the business priority.



I have always been a huge fan of Precise Software and the people at Precise. Precise software developed some great database tools. We will see a great suite of database tools get even better.
— Michael Corey - CEO, Ntirety
Precise helps companies guarantee transaction performance. Our integrated product suite delivers
unprecedented transaction transparency, the fastest repair times, and game-changing problem prevention.

Common Transaction Model

Using a Common Transaction Model, everyone can clearly see where transactions
spend time and how well they perform against business expectations.

Knowledge Base: Findings, Recommendations, and What-if

Precise also reduces time to repair with its customer problem knowledge base.
This knowledge base consists of real customer case data that is constantly updated.

Performance Warehouse: Historical Analysis and Trending

Precise provides alerts not only for transaction breaches but also for transaction trends.
Precise can store and process terabytes of data in its Performance Warehouse.

Consolidated Management View

Our solution packages allows IT to manage all critical enterprise applications from a single,
consolidated dashboard, from packaged applications to custom applications to databases to storage.

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